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Looking For Used Car Dealers in Christchurch?

We are proud to be one of the top used car dealers in Christchurch. Let us help you locate the best option – whether you want an EV, a hybrid, a petrol, or a diesel car – as we offer a wide range of vehicles. Motor Import Group also provides on-site financial services to simplify finding the ideal fit.

Here are but a few reasons to consider buying from our second-hand car dealers in Christchurch:

Used cars are significantly more affordable, meaning you can often get vehicles that are typically far outside your budget.

We are constantly updating our two car yards in Christchurch – one in Sydenham and one in Lincoln Road – with new options. Why not call us so we can let you know whether we have what you need?

Our professionals are happy to assist you with questions about our available vehicles.

Motor Import Group makes it easy to buy your next used automobile. We will cooperate with you in finding the right fit for your lifestyle and budget. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have questions. Alternatively, consider browsing the stock from our used car dealers’ yards in Christchurch.